About Virgil


Digital photography has been a very recent hobby of mine. I bought my first digital slr over a year ago and became instantly hooked. I am not new to photography as a hobby. I had a Pentax ME Super when I was in highschool and used it constantly. Unfotunately, after highschool other interests took the place of this hobby(not to mention it could get expensive at times) and I put my Pentax in the closet where I ( I wish I hadn't) let it ruin due to moisture.

I became a fan of black and white photography because I shot a lot of black and white film. It was cheap to buy and get processed. I eventually invested in some used dark room equipment and developed my own film. I tried to like color in the digital realm, but I have reverted back to black and white because that is what I grew to love in my younger years.


Photography Equipment

I currently have the following Equipment:

Nikon D100

Nikon D40