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Kentucky Farmland
21 October 2008

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Virgil on Scarborough Fair - 2012 - Horse Problems
thanks for the comments. :)

B. Thomas on Scarborough Fair - 2012 - Horse Problems
We have not been there this year, but last year the jousting was my favorite thing. Nice action shot.

Curly on Scarborough Fair - 2012 - Jester
Cracking good shot, well done!

L'Angevine on Scarborough Fair - 2012 - Horse Problems
pauvre cheval

Virgil on Morning Dove
THank you so much. :)

bluechameleon on Morning Dove
Nice shot. I like the way the bokeh brings out the detail in the dove.

Virgil on Red Bird
it was.....I was manually focusing the camera.

Rayak on Red Bird
Funny picture, focusing should have been difficult!

Virgil on Basil Leaves
Thanks. :)

Joyce Johnson on Basil Leaves
It looks of course like a Basil monster, or more kindly, a Basil critter. Very interesting image, which would not be ...

Virgil on Kentucky Farmland
Thanks Adrian. :)

Adrian on Kentucky Farmland
Love the vastness of this land, and the sky going in for ever. Like the way you make the work.

Adrian on Windmill in the Panhandle of TX
This is terrific.

Annie Viguié on Mother and Daughter
Beautiful portraits and beautiful smiles...

M. Buchholz on Train To Nowhere
Great job composing this one and the post processing really gives it a dreamy feel. Nice site and great black and ...

Virgil on Windmill in the Panhandle of TX
Thank you all for the comments.

Annie Viguié on Windmill in the Panhandle of TX
Graphic, interesting and beautiful b&w !!!

Jaap on Caprock
Nice shot. It looks like a somewhat desolate area. Great POV.

Paul on Windmill in the Panhandle of TX
Nice b&w

theys on Garden Patio
Superb realization, very good monochromic, good day with you

Laura on Snow Day 2009
beautiful framing in this one. Lovely lines towards beautiful cottages.

kate on Snow Day 2009

Virgil on Snow Day 2009
Hmmmmm...not really monochrome. I will leave it up anyway.

SOUL AFLAME on Garden Patio
Such a simple scene and yet so beautifully captured. You have a great eye

SOUL AFLAME on A Day Without Rain
Such a serenely beautiful photograph that is filled with detail. Wonderful

Fabio on Garden Patio
first thing that came into my mind when I saw your monochrome photo - beautiful !

Curly on Garden Patio
Forget the patio set the tree is magnificent!

retouching on Garden Patio
a beautiful looking black and white photo with some great toning

Karen Ricci on Garden Patio
I thought all your work is beautiful. I have lived here all my life and never actually been on a complete tour of Henry ...

plastanka on Flowers At Henry Clay Estates
Nice capture

Bill Jennings on Garden Patio
Virgil, I love the composition - but wonder why the leaves seem so bright, and not the rest of the frame - is this ...

Elena Kotrotsou on Garden Patio
Very beautiful composition

NarB on Garden Patio
Très chouette lumière.

K.B.R on Garden Patio
Excellent cette belle prise de vue, l'arbre, la lumière, le cadrage sont vraiment magnifique. Bravo.

k@ on Flowers At Henry Clay Estates
Hey, not easy to photography white and yours is full of details and depth with all these layers of grey around, very ...

ordinaryimages on Storage Building, Henry Clay Estate
It's hard to get a clean shot of the Ice houses with all the signage etc. they have installed. Fortunately I shot ...

M@ndy on Train To Nowhere
what a place

M@ndy on Old Family Farm
amazing land

M@ndy on Good Morning!
I love these lilies

ManuelaR on Weathered Post
Great subject and interesting angle!

Amit Basu Photography on Weathered Post
nice shot. good viewpoint. perhaps a bit more contrast?

Laura on Weathered Post
great detail and nice texture to the wood. I actually think the lower contrast is interesting and brings out highlights ...

ordinaryimages on Weathered Post
Glad to see you unaffected by the tornado. best...jerry

Bill Jennings on Weathered Post
I like the range of tones, and the texture in this photo - but somehow, I wish there was a touch more contrast in the ...

bluechameleon on Shadow Of The Garden
Infrared? So dreamy and this one!

bluechameleon on Old Family Farm
Beautiful monotone! Love the way this landscape just seems to flow... :)

ordinaryimages on Shadow Of The Garden
Intersting composition. best...jerry

M@ndy on Shadow Of The Garden

k@ on Shadow Of The Garden
If you keep on posting such beauties i'll keep on repeating the same things : gorgeous, I love it !!! ;/

Didier DE ZAN on Shadow Of The Garden
Beautiful shot and treatment

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